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denver-water.jpgDAM Road to Close on 7/24

Dillon Dam Road/County Road 7 will be closed on Thursday, July 24, from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. for Denver Water to perform routine facility maintenance.  Emergency vehicles will be able to access the road, if necessary. The recreation path along Dillon Dam Road/County Road 7 will remain open during the work.

The road closure has been coordinated with the Dillon Dam Security Task Force to ensure the security and safety of Summit County residents, visitors and Denver Water facilities. The Dillon Dam Security Task Force is composed of officials from Denver Water, Summit County Government and the towns of Dillon, Silverthorne and Frisco, as well as local law enforcement and emergency response agencies.

gibbs.jpgSummit County Commish in DC

Summit County Commissioner Dan Gibbs in Washington D.C. testified yesterday at a U.S. Senate committee hearing on wildland fire preparedness and next year’s proposed budget for the Forest Service.  According to the Summit Daily, Gibbs, a certified wildland firefighter himself, testified in support of the Wildfire Disaster Funding Act.  Much the same as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes get emergency funding, wildfires would get help through the act, instead of using money from local Forest Service budgets, which have been exceeded the last eight of ten years.





eagle countyRabid Bats Found in Eagle County

Two instances of community members and pets coming into contact with bats have been reported to Eagle County in the past week and both bats have tested positive for rabies. The bats were found in Beaver Creek and Eagle and are the first laboratory-confirmed cases of animal rabies in the county this year. All known individuals with possible contact have been notified.

To avoid exposure to bats and rabies:

Never touch a bat or any other wild animal with bare hands. Teach children to leave animals they encounter alone and to tell an adult.

Keep your doors and windows covered with screens to keep bats out of your home. Do not leave screenless doors or windows open during the evening.

If you have bats in your house, try to find the source of their entry and seal it. Call an experienced nuisance wildlife trapper to perform the work.

If there is no possibility of contact, simply open a door or window and let the bat fly out. Being in the vicinity of a bat, without any physical contact, is not a risk.

If you are bitten by a bat or if you suspect you’ve been exposed to its saliva, safely contain the bat in a cardboard box or coffee can without touching it and contact Eagle County Animal Services at 970-328-3647 so the bat can be tested for rabies.

Seek medical treatment promptly if you come in direct contact with a bat or other wild animal and the animal is not able to be captured and tested. Possible contact may have occurred if a bat is found in areas of sleeping adults, unattended children, mentally incapacitated or intoxicated individuals, or unvaccinated pets. Bat teeth are small and bites may go unnoticed.

Vaccinate your pets against rabies.

For more information about rabies, visit www.cdc.gov/rabies.


breck skiColorado SuperChair gets a 6-pack Express

New lift towers arrived via helicopter to Breckenridge Ski Resort for a significant upgrade to the resort’s Colorado SuperChair – set to open Nov. 7, 2014 in conjunction with Breck’s opening day.  Breckenridge Ski Resort is upgrading the Colorado SuperChair from a quad express to a six-passenger express to provide a 30 percent increase in capacity for Peak 8’s primary lift, providing faster routes to surrounding peaks.  The Colorado SuperChair was first installed in 1986 as a high-speed quad, updated in 2002 from a chain drive system to a gear drive system and then again in 2012 with new chairs.  Those quad chairs will be used for upgrades to Beaver Run SuperChair, located on Peak 9.

scrg_logo.gifFatalities on the Blue/Colorado Rivers

A 70 year old man died after being ejected from a non-commercial  raft he was in while going down the Blue River north of Silverthorne Sunday afternoon around one O'clock.  He has been identified as Charles Emery of Denver.   The Summit County Rescue Group found nine people who had been paddling the Blue River on a the non-commercial raft, Besides the fatality, one other person was injured and taken to Summit Medical Center where they are recovering.  

An unidentified man in a duckie was killed at or near Needles Eye on the upper Colorado River over the weekend. Two professional rafting companies were on the scene to assist, AVA Rafting along with KODI Rafting.  KODI personnel pulled the middle aged man from the water while AVA personnel went downstream to get a cell signal to call for help.  The deceased man was using a privately owned watercraft.




Summit County Softball Report for 07/21

This Weeks Top Teams in each Division:

Monday mixed - lower:

St. Anthony's Honey Badgers  (7-1)

Monday mixed - upper:

Summit County for Sale  (8-0)

Tuesday mixed - lower:

Alpine Sports  (8-1)

Tuesday mixed - upper:

Moosechicks   (9-0)

Wednesday men's:

Kickapoo/Quandary  (13-1)

Thursday men's:

Empire Burger  (12-1)

The Summit County Softball Report is heard at 9:20 weekday mornings and is brought to you by The Blue Moon Bakery in Silverthorne.  It also comes your way at 4:20 in the afternoon and is brought to you by The Dillon Dam Brewery - both heard exclusively on Krystal 93.


VOC.jpgVolunteers Needed to Help with Turk's Trail

On July 26-27, the statewide nonprofit Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC), in partnership with the Town of Breckenridge and Summit County Government, will lead volunteers ages 12 and older in completing Turk’s Trail in the French Gulch Trail system near Breckenridge.  Volunteers will work to construct a single-track trail boasting stunning views of Summit County.  A limited number of small bridges will also need to be constructed.

 This year, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado turns 30, and this project is one of nine 30th Anniversary Commemorative Projects that highlights VOC's long-standing history caring for Colorado's outdoors. Volunteers are asked to register in advance to ensure adequate quantities of tools, supplies and food.  Register via the Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado volunteer project calendar at www.voc.org/projects or 303-715-1010.   

Disco_Cowboy.jpgCharacters Abound at 'Dark Star'

On the tail end of the July 4th holiday weekend Sunday night, the Dillon Amphitheater was packed with long time deadhead fans as well as those curious to see what all the hub bub was all about.  Sun dresses, tie-dyed shirts, bare feet were everywhere with the scent of...wait for it...patchouli in the air, which far outweighed any weed smell penetrating the olfactory senses (maybe edibles came into play?).  Little bears and big bears were dancing to the sounds of the definitive tribute to the Grateful Dead.  Chief of Police estimated the crowd at around 3,000, but he said a former Events Manager said it was closer to 6,000.  I was there, and I'm going with closer to 4,000.  I have a question though...why were some members of the police department taking pictures or rolling video?  Maybe it was to estimate the crowd size. 

Pictured here is one of those characters at the show.  He goes by "Disco Cowboy" - when I asked him if he lived here, he replied "I live everywhere, I'm a gypsy"



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