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shs.jpgSummit High School Sports


08/27 - Boy's Soccer team beat Valor Christian 2-1

08/29 - Football team beat Skyview in their season opener 35-18


dillon-co.jpgDillon lifts Moratorium on Marijuana 

Even though some residents of Dillon wanted the question of retail marijuana shops in the town to go before the voters, the town council this week passed a series of ordinances effectively ending the moratorium on retail pot business.  According to the Summit Daily, three ordinances passed that dealt with business licences,  zoning restrictions, and fees.  Council member Terry King cast the only opposing vote on all three ordinances.  The action does not change the town's moratorium on medical marijuana.  Cultivation, manufacturing and testing facilities are still prohibited.

summit_schools.pngSummit School District Looking Good

The Summit School District received an “Accredited with Distinction” rating from the Colorado Department of Education on the recent release of the 2013-2014 Transitional Colorado Assessment Program scores. This rating is based on the district’s performance in student academic achievement, academic growth, the reduction in academic growth gaps between student groups, and postsecondary and workforce readiness. The District earned 81.5 out of 100 points or 81.5% overall on their One Year District Performance Framework. This is the first time Summit School District has earned an accreditation rating higher than, “Accredited.” The results from the Transitional Colorado Assessment Program show Summit School District students outperformed the state in grade level and content areas on the 2014 assessment.  


tanker2.jpgTanker Rolls Over closing Exit 203

Just before 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, August 12th, a tanker truck carrying several thousand gallons of magnesium chloride overturned on the roundabout at exit 203.  The exit was closed for six and a half hours while hazmat crews cleaned up the spillage.  The driver suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital.  The truck was carrying about 6,000 gallons in its 9,000 gallon capacity tank, so when the trucks wheels went up on the curb during its turning, the liquid inside shifted and caused the the tanker to tip over.  Although mag chloride is not considered the most serious of health hazards, according to Steve Lipsher of Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue, in its concentrated form it can harm vegetation.

stebben.pngDeal Struck in Identity Theft Case 

20 year old Jessica Christine Stebben pleaded guilty to felony identity theft as part of a plea deal with the District Attorney’s office.  She was arrested in April for using a stolen credit card to make more than $400 in purchases at local shops and restaurants.  According to the Summit Daily, as part of the plea deal, she also pleaded guilty to one count each theft and unauthorized use of a financial transaction devicve.

sfaLocal fire departments send crews to California

Copper Mountain Fire, Lake Dillon Fire and Red, White & Blue Fire on Monday each sent firefighting crews to northern California, where a number of wildfires are burning out of control.

Copper Mountain Fire sent Engine Boss Mark Nielsen, Lt. Todd Hebebrand and Charlie Johnson. Lake Dillon sent Engine Boss Dennis Jackson and firefighters Steven Wantuck and Frank Towers. Red, White & Blue sent Engine Boss Jason Kline along with Capt. Herb George and driver/operator Eric Kuhn.

The crews were sent to the Modoc National Forest along the California/Nevada border near Alturas, Calif. They could be deployed for as long as two weeks, and all of their expenses – as well as the overtime costs to fill their spots on duty – are covered by the federal overhead team managing the fires.

Dillon_Marina_NWS_HS_logo.jpgMicroburst puts sailors in the water

An apparent microburst, or downdraft of air from storm clouds, overturned 13 sailboats racing on Dillon Reservoir Thursday about 5:30, prompting a large-scale rescue operation pulling about 20 people out of the frigid water but everyone escaped injury.  The sailors had been prepared for the possibility, with most wearing wetsuits, but it was the fast reaction of other boaters who rushed to their aid. The race organizers and the Dillon Marina staff immediately joined other boaters, the Summit County Sheriff's Office, the Summit County Water Rescue Team, Lake Dillon Fire and the Summit County Ambulance Service in getting the boaters back to shore, where they were dried off and warmed up. Over the next two hours, crews then righted the boats and towed them back to shore.

CPWBears on the move Looking for Food

Bears know that fall is approaching and they are starting to prepare for their long winter nap. That means bears are now constantly on the move looking for food, and many are finding their way into towns and residential areas.  Colorado Parks and Wildlife reminds people throughout Colorado to take precautions to prevent conflicts with bears.  Take bird feeders in at night, clean the BBQ grills and use bear resistant trash containers.

In the last few weeks there have been numerous reports of bear conflicts all over the state. In Aspen, a woman was injured by a bear that had been in an alley dumpster. In Crawford, a sow and her two cubs were rummaging in garbage, but a week later the sow disappeared and the two cubs had to be captured and taken to a Colorado Parks and Wildlife rehabilitation facility. Bears have been sighted in Keystone, Breckenridge and Silverthorne areas.


Disco_Cowboy.jpgCharacters Abound at 'Dark Star'

On the tail end of the July 4th holiday weekend Sunday night, the Dillon Amphitheater was packed with long time deadhead fans as well as those curious to see what all the hub bub was all about.  Sun dresses, tie-dyed shirts, bare feet were everywhere with the scent of...wait for it...patchouli in the air, which far outweighed any weed smell penetrating the olfactory senses (maybe edibles came into play?).  Little bears and big bears were dancing to the sounds of the definitive tribute to the Grateful Dead.  Chief of Police estimated the crowd at around 3,000, but he said a former Events Manager said it was closer to 6,000.  I was there, and I'm going with closer to 4,000.  I have a question though...why were some members of the police department taking pictures or rolling video?  Maybe it was to estimate the crowd size. 

Pictured here is one of those characters at the show.  He goes by "Disco Cowboy" - when I asked him if he lived here, he replied "I live everywhere, I'm a gypsy"



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