Digital Advertising

Digital & Radio - Doing the Work For You

Krystal 93 has been a part of this community for over 30 years. We know the local businesses; we understand the needs and wants of our community members and we care about our combined future. This deep level of local awareness allows us to approach our clients thoughtfully and collaborate on integrated (radio + digital) advertising campaigns that will resonate.

Our cost-effective radio messaging and on-location promotions are proven advertising tools that bring both new and returning customers to your business. Krystal digital ads will complement and expand that reach with custom designed campaigns. We manage your airtime and digital advertising with one team, one process and one platform, saving you time and money.

Digital advertising products we provide in addition to radio airtime:

  • Display
  • Video
  • Geofencing and video geofencing
  • Over-the-top (OTT)/connected TV (CTV)
  • Creative development services.

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How can digital marketing help you find the right team for your business? Our digital expert shares the secrets!

Tell Your Story with Video

Engage your customers by telling them about YOU- your values, your mission, and your origin story. Krystal Video can showcase why you are unique… why you are the business with whom your customers can feel a personal connection. We’ll help you tell your story… with Krystal Video. Here’s an example of work for Broken Compass Brewing Company.


One of the best ways Krystal Media can help you is by being a reliable partner who always has ideas and options. Staffing can be a real struggle. By having strategies in mind to discuss with you, we can provide solutions. The number one trend in digital advertising is no surprise- it is recruitment. From Radio messages to Digital Display ads we can help you find employees!  We will work with you on ad copy and design Audio commercials and targeted digital ads that stand out instead of blending in. One of our strengths is the ability  to present messages on-line in both Spanish and English.