Blue River mayor and trustees booted by voters in contested election

There is a changing of the guard in Blue River. 

For the first time in years the town election was contested, and Nicholas Decicco unseated Toby Babich for mayor.  

Incumbent trustees Kelly Finley and Mark Fossett both lost their seats. Newcomers Jodie Willey, Jonathon Heckman and Barrie Stimson take over at the trustees.  

In the Breckenridge town election, Kelly Owens was elected mayor by a landslide. She won nearly seven out of every 10 votes (69 percent). 

Incumbent councilman Dick Carlton holds on to his seat. First-timers Marika Page and Steve Gerard join Breck council, beating challenger Michael Hessel.  

Breck voters overwhelmingly said “no” to a ballot question that would have let council hand pick town committees. Another committee question for longer term limits was also defeated. 

In the Silverthorne town election, voters said “yes” to a higher lodging tax. But a question about debt for affordable housing is too close to call this morning: It is winning by just three votes. 

Four candidates were running to fill four seats in Silverthorne: Jonnah Glassman, Tim Applegate, Tanecia Spagnolia and Amy Manka. Molly Falcone earned 7 write-in votes. 

Blue River 2024 election results 


Toby Babich… 71 

Nicholas Decicco… 125 


Jodie Willey… 132 

Jonathon Heckman… 122 

Barrie Stimson… 116 

Mark Fossett… 82 

Kelly Finley… 69 

Breckenridge 2024 election results


2 / 2

Kelly Owens… 793 

Tom Day… 244 

James Manella… 81 


Dick Carleton… 789 

Marika Page… 637

Steve Gerard… 623

Michael Hessel… 444

Silverthorne 2024 election results 

Question 1: Lodging Tax increase 

Yes… 480 

No… 323 

Question 2: Increase town debt for housing projects 

Yes… 402 

No… 399