Breck wants to unclog downtown alleyways. Vail Village is showing it how.

The south end of Breckenridge City Market is about to get busier.

That’s where town officials want to put a temporary warehouse for a pilot food and beverage delivery program.

Trucks bring shipments to the empty dirt lot there. Smaller electric vehicles then deliver to downtown restaurants and stores, keeping large trucks off Main Street and alleyways.

Breck has been toying with the courier concept for several months. In March the town said the south end of Tiger Dredge lot near the Riverwalk Center would house the temporary warehouse.

But in April the City Market complex sold to a new ownership group, which includes parent company Kroger. The new owners are willing to let the town use the vacant dirt lot for its delivery program pilot.

This means more large truck traffic to French Street between City Market and the north gondola lot, and other, smaller side roads feeding onto Highway 9.

The town has not said when the program starts.

This food and beverage delivery concept has already been successful in Vail Village. Contractor 106 West logistics helped town of Vail design a warehouse and delivery schedule for a program it’s calling the “E-Vail Courier” program.

Last year the program was challenged in court by mail delivery services like UPS and FedEx. They said the town cannot ban them from driving mail trucks downtown. A judge ruled in favor of the mail services, but did not challenge the food and beverage delivery operation.