Here’s what the best chefs in Breck are putting on the grill this summer 

Yesterday at Peak 8 in Breckenridge was the inaugural FIRC Night Out Culinary Showdown, where teams of local chefs went head-to-head in a Food Network-style cooking competition. 

But it wasn’t all business. Before the competition started, Krystal 93 news director Phil Lindeman had one question for the best chefs in Breck: 

What are you serving to friends on a sunny, summer afternoon in your own backyard? 

“Turning on the grill, grilling some steaks and vegetables. Whatever’s around. I’m partial to the Brunson Family Farm dry-aged beef. And we’re probably pouring something with mezcal.” – James Beard award-winning chef Matt Vawter, Rootstalk and Radicato 

“On my own patio at home it’s sitting around, drinking a really good French rosé, and it’s going to be steak. Always bison, with cucumber, watermelon and mint on the side.” – Tim Applegate, Sauce on the Blue and more 

“Eagle Rock Ranch burgers and enjoying the sunshine.” – Chef Dante, Bistro 

“I’d be grilling up choripán. It’s traditional Argentinian street food, a bratwurst cut in half and served on a baguette.” – Chef Diego, Bistro 

“I’ve been on a bread journey, so I’ll be making braided brioche and sipping on Topo Chico.” – Chef Chrissy, Bistro 

“Burgers and beers. Eighty-twenty ground beef, nice cheese. That’s about it. Straight up.” – Chef Jim Zoeller, Aurum and The Carlin 

“Mocktails and anything off the grill.” – Chef Greyson Clifford, Aurum and The Carlin 

“I’m a brat guy. Love brats with sauerkraut and mustard, and drinking some kind of IPA.” – Zach Brace, Aurum and The Carlin 

“At home, Sunday afternoon, I’m making fish tacos. Depends on what I catch that day. And sipping on a margarita.” – Coa Loftus, Breckenridge Mountain Dining 

“Slow cook some ribs in the oven, make a watermelon salad and sip on homemade lemonade. I’ll do pork and beef, give everyone the option.” – Cory Batise, Breckenridge Mountain Dining