Hey Summit grads: What advice would you give to your freshman self?

Today on Main Street Breckenridge is the fourth annual Summit County Graduate Parade, where teachers, parents, friends and family celebrate more than 300 graduates from The Peak School, Snowy Peaks and Summit High School.

All this year on The Warmup, our weekly athlete feature, Krystal 93 news director Phil Lindeman has been asking senior athletes: What advice would you give to yourself as a freshman?

Here’s what they had to say.

“The little, everyday moments you get with your teammates on the lift? They’re just so special and something that I really hold close to me.” – Cora Jackson, 2024 Colorado state champion alpine skier

“I kind of used to be a yahoo and just straight-line and stuff like that. But now I actually take care of my skis and make sure I do good turns, and I make sure I’m being safe and cautious on the mountain.” – Carsten Slack, 2024 Colorado state champion alpine skier

“Show up. Quit slacking. The sooner you start, the better you get. It pays off.” – Cam Fox, new school record holder for boys 110-meter hurdles

“Keep putting in the work. Never doubt yourself. Always be grateful and happy about everything you have.” – Matthew Valdez, boys basketball captain

“Put in the work in the off-season and build a lot of confidence. I feel like confidence really helped me.” – Emilio Jain, boys basketball captain

“Just keep playing. Just keep playing. You guys are great, and I think all of them have the potential to go Division I, Division II. They can play college basketball. They just need to put in the work.” – Doussouba Sylla, girls basketball captain

“Stay committed. You’ll go through hard times, but be there for your teammates. Pick each other up.” – Ellie Sudduth, girls basketball captain

“You get four years and you have to make the most of those four years. So as a freshman, instead of saying, ‘Oh, they’ll do it,’ you take charge. You say, ‘I do it, I’m going to score this goal.’” – Ellie Sudduth, girls soccer captain (she does both!)

“It may be scary seeing all your teammates, think that they’re like looking down on you, think you’re playing bad. But really everyone’s just here to have a good time, to support each other.” – Mia Nelson, girls soccer captain

“Don’t take things for granted. Just always work hard because when you’re older, you’re going to regret it if you do.” – Jackson, track runner

Krystal 93 is live today, May 22, at the Summit County Graduate Parade. Our coverage starts at 4 p.m. The parade starts at 5 p.m.