In The Classroom: A diploma with no age limit at CMC 

Today we are IN THE CLASSROOM with an award-winning Colorado Mountain College teacher who just can’t stop. 

“I retired about seven years ago,” Laura Pless tells Krystal 93 news director Phil Lindeman. “But I love what I do and I begged for my classes back.” 

Pless has been teaching on and off with CMC since 1994. These days, she teaches the high school diploma course for students over 21 years old. 

“One course is workforce math, reading, digital literacy and graphic literacy,” Pless says. “Another is Colorado history, and another course is civics and citizenship.” 

Classes are held on Mondays and Wednesday, mornings and evenings at the Dillon and Breckenridge CMC campuses. Students get two semesters to graduate. Many do it in just one. Almost all are holding down full-time jobs between classes. 

“Most people find if they do a little bit every day they can reach the goal, close that door, get their diploma and move on with life,” Pless says. “ It gives them so many more opportunities.” 

Pless was recently named Part-Time Faculty of the Year at CMC Summit County. She says she couldn’t do it with her co-teacher, Anna Reyes. 

“She’s just a rock star,” Pless says of Reyes. “The students love her. She’s able to do Spanish and English and help everyone in the class. We’re very fortunate to have her.” 

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