Update on devastating classroom fire: Dillon Valley El closes for over a week 

Dillon Valley Elementary will not be open this week.  

An electrical fire in the art room on the night of Friday, May 17, destroyed the art room. Several neighboring classrooms were flooded with water from overhead sprinklers, damaging a third of the school’s south wing.  

No one was injured. The district says the fire was likely sparked by a pinched electrical cord. 

Now school officials are waiting on safety tests.  

“At this time, we may not enter the building until we have received the results of tests for air quality and fire particulates,” Summit School District said in a letter to parents. “These test results will determine if we can, or cannot, return to learning at the school in the final days of the academic year. We hope to have these results by the end of the workday Thursday. 

After that comes restoration, like drywall and carpeting. 

School officials hope to salvage end-of-year programs, like fifth-grade promotion and a schoolwide field day. None have been rescheduled. Classes will not return until Monday, May 28 at the earliest.    

More from the school district: 

– Air Quality and Safety Testing: We are awaiting the results of the air and fire particulate tests. These results are crucial to confirm that the environment is safe for students and staff to return. 

– Building Restoration: Once we have the test results, we will continue the necessary restoration efforts, including carpet and drywall cleaning and/or replacement, dehumidifying and purifying the air, and getting boilers and heating/cooling systems back online. 

– Community Support: We are working diligently to determine child-care options and the ability to meet all state-required instructional minutes.