Why you won’t see condos on a $4 million piece of land in Summit County

The owners of Red Tail Ranch off Highway 9 are keeping it just the way it is, for at least another two decades. 

On May 14, owners Bill and Laurie Bolthouse petitioned the county to re-approve zoning that limits development on 488 acres at Red Tail Ranch, between north Breckenridge and Farmer’s Korner.  

The county agreed.  

“This is the way it’s been, this is the way it’s supposed to be, and this is the way it will be kept,” says Joel Mayo, representative for the Bolthouse family.  

Red Tail is one of the last and largest private properties in the heart of Summit County. It’s worth nearly $4.1 million, split across five parcels, according to the latest Summit County property records. 

The ranch is primarily a wedding venue and equestrian center. 

This renewed zoning, known as a Planned Unit Development, or PUD, limits construction to 11 single-family homes and six caretaker units.  

Bill and Laurie Bolthouse have three daughters. The PUD lets them eventually build private homes, but with one important clause: no upzoning or downzoning. Even if the family sold the ranch, it is protected from high-density development through at least 2044. 

Already on the property is a small compound for special events and horses, plus two historic buildings, Homestead House and Tack House and Barn. Both have been preserved.