CDOT slashes speed limit on Highway 9 from Breck to Hoosier Pass 

The chief of police in Blue River is applauding CDOT for lowering the speed limit on Highway 9 between Breckenridge and Hoosier Pass.  

The max speed will soon be 45 miles per hour.  

“The reduced speed limit will provide drivers with more time to analyze driving conditions and make safer decisions,” chief David Close says.  

This decision comes after a traffic study, where CDOT found accidents on that stretch of Highway 9 are too common. Blue River residents are often put in danger simply pulling out of their neighborhoods. 

“We are attempting to decrease the number and severity of crashes,” Close says. 

Since 2023, at least 10 people have been hospitalized from 29 crashes damaging 41 vehicles. One person was killed in summer 2023 in a drunken head-on collision that injured three others.  

Speed signs will be changing in coming months. Enforcement begins after that.