E.coli in Dillon Valley sewage

Sewage is seeping from a home in Dillon Valley and county officials are scrambling to plug it up. 

A county memo says the sewage has been pooling there on Deer Path Road for weeks. It recently tested positive for E. Coli, making it a danger to nearby people and animals. A visual inspection in April called it scummy and greasy, and suggested it might be leeching into neighboring yards.

Today the Summit County board of health meets to sign an emergency public health order “regarding the nuisance condition” at the home. This forces the homeowner to fix his sewage leak by Friday.  

If the owner does not, the county can step in and order “the abatement and removal” of the sewage, and then charge the owner for it. 

The homeowner could also be fined up to $1000 and spend a year in jail.