In round two of the Keystone ski patrol union push, not everyone gets a vote 

Keystone ski patrollers are trying again to unionize. But the devil is in the details. 

More than 90 patrollers will vote this week, today and Friday. Results should be tallied by this weekend.  

A notice of election, filed with the National Labor Relations Board, says “all full-time and regular part-time” patrollers are eligible. 

This includes lead patrollers, but, according to the notice, their ballots might be thrown out because their “eligibility has not been resolved.”  

These lead patrollers are often year-round employees. Says the union, first comes the vote, then comes their eligibility. It is not clear if input from lead patrollers would harm or help the union initiative. 

This is Keystone’s second attempt at a union. In 2021 it failed by one vote. 

Supporters this time around hope to win better wages and benefits. If approved, they would join the Communication Workers of America union based on the Front Range. 

Ski patrol unions are gaining traction across Colorado.  

Less than a week ago, March 29, Eldora Ski Patrol overwhelmingly approved a union. Ninety percent of patrollers there voted “yes.” 

In the Summit County area, Breckenridge and Loveland ski patrols are represented by unions.