In The Classroom: Build your family ‘go-kit’ 

Third graders at Breckenridge Elementary learn hands-on lessons from local firefighters 

Today we are IN THE CLASSROOM at Breckenridge Elementary, where third graders are building go-kits for emergencies. 

But what do you put in a go-kit? Young Bridger knows the basics:  “Water and medicine, and probably a contact list if I get lost.” 

Those are important items for parents to collect. But don’t forget the small, comfort items that make kids feel like home in an emergency.  “I’m going to put maybe a family blanket that I had since I was a baby,” Kira says. “I would probably put a family blanket in, and a book to read to pass the time,” Charlie says. 

Firefighters recommend building a go-kit today and checking it annually. Make it a family tradition. “That’s an important age group to have those discussions with because they go home and talk to their parents and say, ‘Hey, we learned about packing these emergency kits,’” fire inspector Jessica Johnson says. “Fire season is around the corner. We need to get in the right headspace and start getting our go-kits together.” 

Students were building their go-kits with help from Johnson and other firefighters from Red, White and Blue Fire. They visit every month. “We have things like open house and bike rodeo that they come and see us,” fire inspector Ken Hebdon says. “They know our names. They’re definitely not afraid.” 

Build your own family go-kit! Include passports, a flashlight, batteries, extra USB chargers and ports, pet collars and leashes, and a little bit of spending cash. Keep it in a small, marked box that is easy to retrieve.  Build your own winter go-kit to keep in the car! Include a blanket, gloves, beanies, small shovel and non-perishable snacks.  

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