Pot hits a hole in Breck – What happened?  

Breckenridge pot shops hit a new low this January: For the first time since legalization 10 years ago sales fell below $1 million.  

Town tax reports were just released, showing every shop in Breck combined for $835,000 in profits, down 23 percent in a year, down 44 percent from the record highs of 2021.  

Even going back to 2014 the Breck weed industry was doing better, making $951,000 in that first year of legal cannabis.  

Sales grew steadily until 2019 and 2020, when January sales dipped minimally, by 1.6 percent and 2.5 percent, respectively. 

Pot sales in Breckenridge soared again in January 2021 en route to the all-time revenue record: $12.1 million in a year.  

But the post-COVID boom days would not last. The Breck pot industry has been losing cash almost every month since then, falling to $8 million in 2023. That was the lowest since 2015.