Split vote paves the way for 200 lakefront condos, 3 restaurants in Dillon 

This week on The State Of Summit: town of Dillon approves a controversial new downtown development by split vote, 4-2. 

“I think the project is well designed,” councilman Tony Scalise said at the March 19 council meeting. “It’s beautiful. It will bring people to this town. Maybe it’ll bring too many for a lot of you, but this town is more than just his residents.” 

Dozens crowded town chambers for the meeting, where Scalise and three other councilmembers granted the permit to a five-story condo complex with 200 units, three restaurants and underground parking.  

Almost all the 200 condos will be short-term rentals.  

This development is going on prime lakefront property, where Ptarmigan Inn and Arapahoe Café now sit.  

Also voting “yes” was councilman James Woods. 

“The reality, in my view, has always been to get tourist dollars looking to come here, people who appreciate out views, appreciate the lakefront,” Woods said. This development overlooks the lake from Labonte Street. 

Saying “no” was councilman Kyle Hendricks. 

“Residential means ‘primary living space,’” Hendricks said, opposing the development’s zoning as mixed-use, which includes residential. “That is not this. There’s nothing residential about this property.” 

The other no vote was Mayor Carolyn Skowyra. 

“I think this is a violation of the character of the town for private profit,” she said. “I agree with that. And I think it’s not inclusive for town of Dillon residents.” 

Missing from the meeting was councilman Dana Christiansen. He claimed a conflict of interest on this project and the town attorney agreed.  

Council was split on the project itself, but every did agree: They want to preserve A-Café. That is a new condition for this project.  

The developer here is Jake Porrett. His group is also the new owner of Uptown 240, the beleaguered condo project stalled for years when another developer ran out of money and was sued by multiple investors.