Coordinated theft ring targeting unlocked cars at I-70 trailheads 

Springtime is high time for roadside break-ins on I-70. 

Summit Sheriff Jamie Fitzsimmons was on the Krystal 93 morning show, explaining how thieves are targeting empty cars at trailheads. 

“We have a band of thieves that are going up and down the corridor breaking into cars,” he told morning host Tom Fricke. “Usually what happens is you and I are going hiking. We shut the car door and I go, ‘I meant to leave this in the car,’ and I go throw it on the front seat.’”  

Thieves are stealing wallets, purses, phones and gear like skis or snowboards — and they’re getting more coordinated.  

FitzSimsons says they are making regular rounds of roadside trailheads. 

The easiest remedy: Lock your vehicle, and store valuables out of sight in a locked glove box or trunk.