Tigers lacrosse hits hard, but still hunting for that elusive win 

Today on THE WARMUP: We’re talking with Wyatt Huston and Sean Mullaly, co-captains on the Summit High lacrosse team. 

“I love the community, and then also just the adrenaline rush, especially being in goal,” says Sean, a junior.  Huston, a senior, agrees. “You’re just out with a bunch of guys. It’s fun.” 

Both captains are goalies, and they bring their own unique style to the backfield.  “Energy,” Huston says, “and really just making the big saves.” Mullaly gets rough and tumble.  “Hard hitter,” he says. “Sometimes I like to come out of the crease a little bit and hit kids.” 

But these two and the rest of the team have a common goal: Do not repeat last season. “The big one would be getting a win this season,” Huston says. “But also, we’re really just pushing ourselves within.” The Tigers went winless last season.  Coming next is a tough matchup with their rivals, Battle Mountain. 

“I heard they moved the ball super quick,” Mullaly says.  “They have some good shooters too,” Huston adds, “so look out for those outside shots.” The boys are playing Battle Mountain tomorrow, March 22, at home.  

Today, March 21, girls lacrosse is playing the Huskies away.  

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