Waterfront condos could soon replace Dillon’s A-Cafe 

A Detroit developer is revealing his latest plans for downtown Dillon, starting with Ptarmigan Inn and Arapahoe Café. 

These plans would replace both buildings with a five-story development, including 200 condos, three restaurants, ground-floor retail, and a basement parking structure.  Not included in these plans are what’s being done with the classic A-Café cabin. 

Dillon Planning Commission has already approved the application. Town Council approved an ordinance for the development on first reading.  Tomorrow, March 19, is second reading and public review.  Owners at a neighboring complex are asking council to deny the application. 

Writes James Barth, “I recommend that instead this resource be developed into a public park, to be enjoyed by all Dillon residents and visitors now and into our future.” Others believe the town is giving the developer too much leeway. They want a downtown renaissance, but first they want more scrutiny. 

You can make your comments in person at 7 p.m. at Dillon Town Hall. 

Missing from tomorrow’s discussion will be councilman Dana Christiansen. He has recused himself, saying he has a conflict of interest. The town attorney agrees.