STRs are still king in Breck. But their reign is slipping. 

Breckenridge short-term rentals lost money almost every month this ski season – until spring break. 

STR revenue in March was just barely better than last year, according to town tax receipts. It was up by no more than $20,000. That’s like losing a week or two at just a few of Breck’s 4300-plus rentals. 

Rewind two years, to the record highs of 2022, and Breck STRs were down by $2.5 million. That’s like losing weeks at hundreds of rentals. 

STRs are still the king of Breck, good for 39 percent of all town tax revenue, ahead of bars and restaurants (23 percent) and retail (23 percent). 

In Frisco, STRs are just 10 percent of the tax base. Retail and grocery are the biggest money makers, accounting for 53 percent of all tax revenue, and both were up more than 6 percent this ski season. 

Silverthorne is riding its weakest first-quarter tax revenue in two years, down 3.4 percent from 2023, the record high, down 1.4 percent from 2022. 

Take it back to 2019 and Silverthorne is sitting pretty, making 43 percent more than before the pandemic.